Advantages of pursuing IPC certification in Electronics Assemblies & Inspection, Fabrication of consistent products, Improvement of Cross-Channel Communications, Lower costs

Advantages of pursuing IPC certification in Electronics Assemblies & Inspection

In the highly competitive world of electronics, it has become obvious for leading companies to stick to the adhere standards of quality and consistency. Hence, many times companies and organizations prefer to adopt globally known standards to maintain singularity and high quality within the organization. Because IPC is considered the gold of all standards, many…

Overview, PWM signal generation through timer in STM32, STM32 configuration with STCube, Basic configuration, Timer 2 configuration, The initialization code, Dimming LED,

PWM with STM32

PWM stands for Pulse-Width Modulation. Once the switching frequency (fsw) has been chosen, the ratio between the switch-on time (TON) and the switch-off time (TOFF) is varied. This is commonly called duty-cycle (D). The duty cycle can be between 0 and 1 and is generally expressed as a percentage (%). D = TON / (TON…

Introduction, The differences between through hole technology and the surface mount technology, Definition, Component mounting, Methods of component mounting, Process of component mounting, Prevalence of use, Reworking and repairs, Soldering type, Area, Components type, Assembly density, Solder joint, Cost of production, Use


Hello everybody! Previously we had a look at the THT and SMT component mounting methods in the PCB boards. it was a very interesting class and today we want to focus on the differences between the two methods. Let us get started without wasting any time. Difference b/w Through Hole Technology and Surface Mount Technology…