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JFET Applications | Constant Current Source | Chopper

Hi Pupils, Welcome to another Experiment of Proteus at The Engineering Projects. Previously, we saw what are the Junction Field Effect Transistors. Today we’ll learn about some of the applications of Junction Field Effect Transistors. Just before the Experiment, it is useful to revise that: Transistors are three terminal, unipolar Devices. The terminals of Junction […]

Shunt Clippers and Dual Clippers in Proteus ISIS

Bonjour trainees, Welcome to the Engineering projects, We hope your are doing great. We are back with a new experiment. But, during the performance, we’ll also refresh some basic concepts  about the topic for best explanation: what is shunt clipper? what are types of Shunt clippers? Implementation of shunt Clippers in Proteus ISIS? Dual Clippers […]

Common Collector BJT Amplifier in Proteus ISIS

Hi Mentees, Welcome to a new tutorial at The Engineering Projects. Today You will unearth about Common Collector bipolar Junction Transistor Amplifiers. Before this, we learnt about two types of Configurations of Transistors named Common Emitter BJT Amplifiers and Common Base BJT Amplifiers. In this tutorial We’ll discuss about: Introduction of Common Collector BJT Amplifier. […]