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Introduction, The differences between through hole technology and the surface mount technology, Definition, Component mounting, Methods of component mounting, Process of component mounting, Prevalence of use, Reworking and repairs, Soldering type, Area, Components type, Assembly density, Solder joint, Cost of production, Use


Hello everybody! Previously we had a look at the THT and SMT component mounting methods in the PCB boards. it was a very interesting class and today we want to focus on the differences between the two methods. Let us get started without wasting any time. Difference b/w Through Hole Technology and Surface Mount Technology…

Purpose of low power modes, Low power modes in ESP32, Active mode, Modem sleep mode, Light sleep mode, Deep sleep mode, Hibernation mode, Implementation of deep sleep mode and wakeup using capacitive touch sensitive pins, Arduino IDE code, Implementation of deep sleep mode and wakeup using interrupt method, Code description

ESP32 Low Power Modes

Hello readers, hope you all are doing great. In this tutorial, we will discuss low power modes in ESP32, their purpose and their implementation to increase the battery life by reducing power consumption. Purpose of Low Power Modes Fig.1 Along with multiple wireless and processing features, ESP32 also provides us with a power-saving feature by…