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Short Overview of Cisco CCENT Certification Exam Dumps

Cisco is undoubtedly one of the biggest companies, especially if you talk about networking. The organization is known for providing high-quality networking solutions to many enterprises. In fact, if you take a closer look, then you will notice that the majority of IT organizations out there use the networking solutions provided by Cisco. However, that […]

What We Can Produce from Color-Coated Rolled Steel

The technology of manufacturing color-coated (or pre-painted) steel was patented by the UK-based company British Steel in the late 60s. Since then, galvanized steel with color coating has been used in the construction industry as a material with an optimal cost/durability ratio. In addition to the decorative function, color coating provides additional protection for galvanized […]

How Technologies Are Changing Education in the 21st Century

Hello friends, I hope you all are doing great. In today’s tutorial, we are going to have a look at How Technologies Are Changing Education in the 21st Century. Technological advancement has had an impact on almost all areas of our life in recent years. Similarly, the influence of technology on education has grown significantly since […]

Biomedical engineering: career tips & education information

Engineering has a lot of subfields that offer students the possibility to broaden their potential career paths. One of these subfields is represented by biomedical engineering, which combines more than just one discipline. If traditional engineering is focused on mathematics and other applied sciences, biomedical engineering also includes fields such as biology and chemistry. Biomedical […]

Voyager 2 Became the Second Spacecraft which Reached the Outer Space

According to information published by representatives of the US space agency NASA, the Voyager 2 spacecraft, which is now at a distance of 18 billion kilometers (11 billion miles) from Earth, has reached the outer space. The data recently transmitted by Voyager 2 indicates that it has successfully “pierced” the heliosphere, the protective “bubble” of […]