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Drag and Lift in Fluids

drag in fluids, lift in fluids, fluids drag, fluids lift, drag and lift in fluids, parallel surface fluids It is one of the most critical topics whenever. It is related to the resistance a fluid faces in motion. A fluid exerts a force on a body in a different direction. Now the main question is, what is drag? And what do we know about it? What is Drag? The definition of drag is as follows: The force e ....

Types of Fluid Flows

Types of flow, types of fluid flow, Steady and Unsteady Flow, Uniform and Non-Uniform Flow, One, two and three-dimensional Flow, Rotational or Irrotational Flow, Laminar and Turbulent, Compressible and Incompressible Flow Hello Friends. I hope you are doing great. Here I am with another exciting topic of fluid mechanics, i.e. flow over bodies. In this article, I will explain the flow of fluids, the flow rate, their nature, the flow in pipes and much more. Fluid mechanics is all related to the fluid and its nature. I ....

The Bernoulli’s Equation

The Bernoulli’s Equation, The Bernoulli’s Theorem, The Bernoulli’s mathematical representation The statement of Bernoulli’s Equation is as follows: In fluid dynamics, Bernoulli’s Equation states about an increase in speed of fluid that occur simultaneously with the decrease in static pressure or decrease in fluid’s potential energy. After reading the statement, you might have little ide ....