Turn on/off screen or fast boot

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Turn on/off screen or fast boot

Post by William » Tue Mar 07, 2017 1:11 pm


My plan was to use my RPi as a bus-timetable station at home. So when I enter my hall I want the RPi to show when the next bus departures from my nearest stop. And everything works just fine. But, the problem is the boot time. It takes about 1 minute from when I power on the RPi to the timetable being shown. And I want it to be rapid, like 5 seconds. Therefore I am planning to use a motion detector that activates a power plug and then just the screen turns on. So that the RPi is always on.

So I wonder, is it possitble to do that? If so, how? Its a RPi 3 I believe and with the official touchscreen mounted. The motion detector thing with power plug is already done. I just wonder if it is possible to just power on the screen with it, and how I should proceed in that case.

OR just a rapid as hell boot. All I need is a full screen web broswer without mouse pointer or anything else.

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