Sending data to microcontroller PIC32

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Sending data to microcontroller PIC32

Post by AliAdelheid » Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:25 am


So I need to send information from server to uC utilizing UDP/IP protocole I have no involvement with that yet I am attempting to burrow of late and the primary question that rung a bell is can a server send information to a customer (PIC32 for my situation ) without being initially asked by this same customer to build up association ?

Second question to open an attachment from the server side I require localAddress and localPort ( as specified in the capacity opening attachment in the TCP/IP stack in record udp.c ) so these neighborhood informations are for the server the customer's IP address and residential location assume.

I wish you can illuminate my considerations and give me some thought to begin programming.

I am utilizing Mplab x with agreement V2.02 and xc32 compiler and I am attempting to code in C++.

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