Problem with 2.02b web net server demo

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Problem with 2.02b web net server demo

Post by McDonough » Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:49 am

I am having a problem with Harmony 2.02b, demo web_net_server_nvm_mpfs with a fixed IP address. (MPLAB X 3.45).

1. I loaded the example project and used the green down arrow icon to rebuild the project and download it. No problems.

I could ping and the browser worked with

When I tried mchpboard_e in both ping and the browser, they could not resolve the hostname.

2. I re-generated the MHC code and saw a couple of differences in the generated files. I accepted all of them and reloaded the project.

Again, the pings and web pages worked the same, except now the web pages did not update. After many resets and power cycles, I got the the web pages to work again (although slower it seemed), but I never was able to get the web server to respond to the mchpboard_e hostname.

Has anyone loaded the HTTP NET web server example and had it work with the mchpbpard_e hostname?

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