PIC32MMGPL028 - Pauses in SPI transfer in 8bit and 16bit mode

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PIC32MMGPL028 - Pauses in SPI transfer in 8bit and 16bit mode

Post by McDonough » Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:50 am

i am currently evaluating some PIC32MM devices.
For a Testproject, i want to control some SK6812 - LED (wich are WS2812 compatible).
Those require a strict timing. I use the SPI of the PIC, using a 8MHz Clock (using the PLL for 16MHz system clock). In theory, it is possible to achive the WS2812 timing.

I got a small SPI Problem there:
I can achive the timing only, if i use the SPI in 32bit-Mode. In 8bit or 16 bit-mode, i get constant "pauses" between two transfers.
See attached picture. For the picture, i am constantly writing 8bit 0xAA. Channel1 is data, Channel2 is clock.

The main loop consists of

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  LATBbits.LATB2 = 1;
        LATBbits.LATB2 = 0;
Thats all. I use the Port B2 for timing tests.

My SPISettomgs:

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 //init SPI
        SPI2CON = SPI2CON2 = 0;
        SPI2CONbits.MODE16 = 0; //1 for 16bit mode
        SPI2CONbits.MODE32 = 0; //1 for 32bit mode
        SPI2CONbits.CKE = 0; 
        SPI2CONbits.CKP = 1;
        SPI2CONbits.ENHBUF = 1;
        set->Baudrate = SPI2_Setbaud(set->Baudrate, pCLK);
        SPI2CONbits.MSTEN = 1;
        SPI2STATbits.SPIROV = 0;
        SPI2CONbits.ON = 1;
I use the following for transfer:

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inline uint8_t SPI2_RXTX_EBUF_8bit(uint8_t data){
    SPI2BUF = data;
    return SPI2BUF;
- XC32 v 1.4
- MPLABX 3.51
- PICkit 3 (also for power)

The SPI-Code works fine on a PIC32MX470 and PIC32MX250. I dont remember any pauses from previous projects with PIC32 MX devices.

What am I doing wrong here?
Thanks for any help in advance!

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