PIC10F200 - Software UART

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PIC10F200 - Software UART

Post by Dillon » Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:17 am

I would like to write a software transmitter UART for the PIC10F200, the only problem is: It doesn't have a timer overflow interrupt. I don't know how i could manage that every pin toggle takes exactly the same time. My current approach looks like this:

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#include <p10f200.inc>
tmp1 EQU 10h
tmp2 EQU 11h
 org 0x00
 movlw 0FFh
 movwf GPIO
 movlw 00h
 tris 6
main movlw 0A5h
 movwf tmp1
 movlw 08h
 movwf tmp2
 bcf GPIO,1 ;Start bit
 call TransmitByte
 bsf GPIO,1 ;Stop bit
 goto main
sr rlf tmp1,f ;shift tmp1 to the left (affects carry bit)
 btfss STATUS,C ;check carry
 bcf GPIO,1 ;turn pin to '0' if carry = '0'
 btfsc STATUS,C
 bsf GPIO,1 ;turn pin to '1' if carry = '1'
 decfsz tmp2 ;decrement loop variable
 goto sr
 retlw 0
This code above looks like this:


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Re: PIC10F200 - Software UART

Post by theenggprojects » Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:34 am

Bro give some more details about the project and as the software UART is concerned, that's quite easy in PIC Microcontroller, you just specify the pins on which you wanna o the software serial and rest is done by the compiler. I would suggest you to use MikroC Pro For PIC. They have given Examples in their knowledge base.

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