XBEE interfacing with 8051

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XBEE interfacing with 8051

Post by Shirley » Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:45 am

I want to interface XBEE RF module with 8051.. but XBEE works at 3.3V & the output of 8051 is 5V.

how do i reduce the voltage to 3.3V???

The data sheet of XBEE module says,

Transmit current(typical) = 45mA@3.3V...

If at all v reduce the voltage to 3.3V using LM1117 v get output of 3.3V at a current of 800mA.

can this voltage & current value be given to input of XBEE to transmit???

will the current rating of 800mA burns the XBEE module??

please help me out friends...

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