VSD/VFD Pump Controller PLC

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VSD/VFD Pump Controller PLC

Post by Vernie » Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:29 am

Dear Expert,

I have a question for certain condition as describe (commissioning step):

- a pump intent to serve multi-product of hydrocarbon. Let says product A and B. When the pump serve the Product A, the demand and certain capacity of the operation is satisfy. The pump using VSD to make power consumption effective and to make the rpm decreasing smoothly until the capacity of product reached.
- When the pump served the Product B ( different SG with product A ) the capacity demand of the operation is not satisfied (larger than demand requirement). We have done any trial and error to solve the problem, and we got one. We stop the pump suddenly by "mother" controller PLC. BUT it is not satisfied enough to do, because we need the smooth decreasing rpm of motor&pump to meet the certain capacity (consider life time of pump and power consumption efficiency).

Is there any suggestion or advice to solve my problem ? Maybe some of you ever met same problem that I am facing right now

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