Data communication using GSM network

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Data communication using GSM network

Post by Vernie » Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:30 am

My object is data transfer between three pump stations and central SCADA station using GSM network. I came across SINAUT MICRO SC - software together with GSM Modem MD-720-3 which i feel is very close to my expectations.

What i am not sure is, whether static IP will be required for the computer with SINAUT MICRO SC - software , which will be the central station with SCADA system.

I also understood from the examples, it is possible for any internet connected computer to view the status at remote station (pumps or other equipment) through central station computer running SINAUT MICRO SC. Is this correct?

I am in the process of preparation of specifications. Appreciate any one of you with first hand experience can comment on this.

Thank you.

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