Remotely programming PLCs.

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Remotely programming PLCs.

Post by Vernie » Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:32 am

I'm facing a project where there will be 3 PLCs on a moving platform that moves about the USA. Invariably there will need to be changes to their code. I want to be able to do that remotely. I'm looking for solutions in any form. That is it could be something you buy that will mimic a local programming computer or a fully enabled PLC that has the native functionality. This is going to be a wireless situation, of course.

I'd prefer to use Automation Direct's CLICK series as they have the biggest bang for the buck and I'm very familiar with them but they provide no alternative programming methods as needed, you just plug a programming computer into them via RS232. (Except since I last used one they've added an Ethernet port that you can program thru which might make this a little easier.)

I'm open to any suggestions or brain storming, what have you got?!

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