NodeMCU Module

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NodeMCU Module

Post by tdh10 » Thu May 16, 2019 8:14 am

I need help.. I need a NodeMCU module library for Proteus. On the internet I just have the ESP8266 where the wifi module only. How can I get it.. Anyone can help me?
This is going to be unpopular but I was having a look at stats and he runs a lot more than many of our players, and even more than some rival players in the same position. Call him what you like but lazy shouldn't be it.

Paul Pogba ran an average of 9.96km per match this season.

Compare that to:
Herrera 8.3km
Henderson 8.02km
Kante 10.94km
Maddison 9.34km
Ramsey 6.42km
Jorginho 10.98km
David Silva 9.19km
KdB 6.97km
Son 7.2km
Eriksen 10.41km
Martial 5.95km

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