LED Dimmer

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LED Dimmer

Post by Anita » Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:57 am


I have two ceiling fixtures with Toshiba 13w LED bulbs that work fine. I want to be able to dim the lights in these 2 fixtures. I changed the switch to a Dimmer rated at 300W (brand is Chang). I changed the two bulbs to Lamptan LED BULB DIM 9W. Now when i turn on the dimmer only 1 bulb works and the other nothing at all. Both of the Lamptan dimmable bulbs work okay as I tested them. If i take the one Lamptan bulb out and put the Toshiba (non-dimmable LED) bulb back in it works but not dimmable. I am at loss why one fixture does not work with the dimmable lamp but otherwise works with a regular LED bulb.

Appreciate any help.

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