Database component of a simple website

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Database component of a simple website

Post by Robert » Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:02 am

I am a second year Comp Sci student applying for a job at a tech company. For this application we are put through a series of coding challenges to see if we make it through to the next round of the application. For the second round my challenge goes as follows:

● We require you to build a small website using Django and to host it locally.

● You need to be able to leverage the quick turn around time that Django allows but also put extra effort into it so that you have a working website.

● Ensure your site has at least 3 pages and at least 1 database-driven component.

● Past examples of sites from candidates are simple sites for fictional bands, or political candidates.

Now I have never coded a website before but have done the codecademy tutorials so I managed to put together a basic layout of a website for a musician that happens to be me since I am an amateur musician with 2 "albums".

What I don't really understand is the database component of the website. I don't really understand why I would need one.

I thought I could have my mp3's as BLOB's on the database, but I don't see how that is more advantageous than simply having the mp3's in a folder in the website.

I also thought to maybe put the mp3 metadata on the database i.e. Title, Album, Artist, Year etc. but I don't really see the point since there are too few songs to have to implement a search function on the mp3's.

Is there something I am missing here? What would your database component be if you were coding a site for a 'fictional band'?

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