Grit removal channel design for industrial drainage (not waste water treatment)

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Grit removal channel design for industrial drainage (not waste water treatment)

Post by Robert » Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:36 am

Hi all - I am investigating grit removal options for removing mostly sand from water draining from industrial washing machinery, but need advice specifically regarding grit removal channels used in smaller scale applications.

Most of the guidelines readily available online pertain to the design of grit removal chambers for large waste water treatment plants, where flow rates of the order of Mega Liters per day are anticipated, compared to the flow rates of approximately 10 l/s in a discharge time of 900 s, once a day, with each discharge containing up to 20 kilograms of sand, specific to the application I am investigating.

I have considered applying the principles of dimensional analysis to the equations and constants used in the design of channels (longitudinal, or aerated) for larger applications, but am not satisfied with only this approach. It would probably be a good time now to mention that mechanically driven machinery would require too much maintenance and will not be considered, and that I am only considering the aerated type of chamber because air compressors will be readily available on site.

Can any of you recommend literature, or rules-of-thumb based on experience, about the design of grit separation chambers for smaller drainage applications?

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