Siemens plc- lost back-up and unable to access the programs.

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Siemens plc- lost back-up and unable to access the programs.

Post by Robert » Thu Mar 09, 2017 9:39 am

i need an opinion or possible solutions related with the PLC Siemens. presently i have a chilled water pumps with control panel integrated with PLC, MHI and VFD. the system control are designed and proven to be in-line with the project specifications. but i have an issue about accessing the PLC program. I've try to approached the supplier and asked if they have the records of the installed unit but unfortunately they don't have it, even the local engineering dept lost the backup and therefore no body can access the PLC. now i am looking for a solution to have a PLC password in order to copy the program or either to be enable to access the PLC again.


1. is it possible again to retrieve or replace the unknown PLC password?? if so, is it necessary to pullout the PLC hardware and connect to the PC or it can be done even without pulling-out the hardware?? any suggestion please!!
2.if the existing PLC password is not possible to replace or retrieve. it is possible to extract the program or data of it and import to the new PLC ???

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