Precipitate with Si

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Precipitate with Si

Post by George » Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:39 am

Elemental silicon is oxidized by O2 to give a compound
which dissolves in molten Na2CO3. When this solution is
treated with aqueous hydrochloric acid, a precipitate
forms. What is the precipitate?
(A) SiH4 (B) SiCO3 (C) SiO2 (D) SiCl4

The answer is (C). I'm just very confused about what happens here. I thought that after elemental silicon is oxidized (the first step), SiO2 would be produced...but I have no idea if that's correct. I don't know what the reaction with HCl has to do with anything either. Could someone guide me through what happens after each reaction? Thanks in advance!

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