dilute of HNO3

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dilute of HNO3

Post by Martin » Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:41 am

Hello guys

Please excused my english skills. I am from germany.

Currently I try to dilute or better create a 0,1 mol/l HNO3 acid. My parent substance is a 53% HNO3 whitout other data.

I need to run a electrolysis a 0,1 mol/l HNO3. Maybe my chemestry skills are very low, althougt I have a degree in a chemeststy similar profession. But I today I work in a other job, so that my chemestry skills fall day by day.

HNO3 = M = 63g/mol
W = 53%

But I have no idea how it goes on? Can anybody tell me, how I can fix this problem?

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