I need K Factors for the following materials

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I need K Factors for the following materials

Post by Joanne » Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:31 am

Hello dear engineers,
I'm in urgent need of K-Factors for the following materials to calculate R-Values of a few types of Walls
Please help me to find it, or show me the proper reference.
- Fiber Cement
- timber flooring
- Rockwool insulation (Factory name: KNAUF)
- Plaster board (Factory name: Gyprock)
- Corten Steel
- Earth wool insulation (Factory name: KNAUF)
- Sisalation membrane
- Compressed Fiber Cement Sheet with Furring Channels
- Compressed Fiber Cement Sheet without Furring Channels
- Furring Channels
- %80 dense earth wool insulation (Factory name: KNAUF)
- PU foam 37 Kg/m3
- Lightweight foam composite

Many many thanks in advance for your efforts.
I am desperately in need of the info

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