what is REMEDY for plastic shrinkage cracks?

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what is REMEDY for plastic shrinkage cracks?

Post by Patricia » Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:43 am

Hi All,

Very recently we did RCC slab for my home using READY MIX concrete (M-30 Grade)

Unfortunately we observed plastic shrinkage cracks immediately after completion of the slab casting (not the complete slab, only first half of the slab).

The Quality In charge of READY MIX concrete supplier told that "the cracks are because of too temperature"

From the last couple of days. the cracks leading to water leaks at five/six places.

1. Could you please tell me what is the REMEDY for stopping plastic shrinkage cracks?

2. Could you please tell me how plastic shrinkage cracks impacts the DURABILILITY and STRENGTH of RCC slab?

3. What is best remedy for stopping water leaks ?

4. Is there a possibility for hitting new cracks in the future?

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