where to find a pulse relay

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where to find a pulse relay

Post by Eugene » Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:59 am

I have a thermostat project which run from 2AA batteries
The microprocessor has a minimum consumption current
In fact the whole project run in just 1-2 miliamps.
The big issue is the output of thermostat.
Most thermostats, to conserve power , and change the battery maybe once a year , use latching relays.
2 coils take too pins from micro
1 coil is complicated to drive
I heard about pulse relays. One pulse = ON; take the power out and still ON, like a latching relay. Next pulse, on the same line, turn it OFF.
I found circuits to drive 1 coil latching relays, but most of them use capacitors, which of course will drain my battery
I need a suggestion of a manufacturer for this PULSE relays.
Contacts 2 A, coil 5-12 VDC

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