continuous real time spatial resolution

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continuous real time spatial resolution

Post by Rogers » Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:03 pm

I started this project on NI LabVIEW while ago and left it due to some problems that i needed to take care of.

I'm trying to read in real time from 4 analogue inputs in Arduino and display it over intensity graph on VI

I have a sensor mat that can detect pressure, I wrote my code through Arduino to send a high voltage from 4 digital pins each one at a time, and read from the 4 analogue pins in each time i send a high voltage to the sensor mat (surface).

my VI can read continuously and store in 2D array, but display over an intensity graph up to one time then stop processing the rest unless if i'm stopping the program then activated again.

what i want is: reading my data every time and the most important see the spatial resolution changes due to change the weights over this sensor mat. like detecting the position of the weight over the sensor mat and see it in real time.

i'm reading the data through a serial USB connection between the PC and Arduino, reading from VISA and store it in 2D array then try to display it.

in the attachment you'll fine a picture about what i mean by sending high voltage at a time and read from the analogue pins . also my VI that i'm trying to work on it from long time, but unfortunately i couldn't touch it for a while now.

looking for your knowledge and help.

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