Problem While playing .wav File

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Problem While playing .wav File

Post by Helen » Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:40 pm

Hello everyone,
I am having an issue while trying to play a .wav file. I want to do this in order to report an alarm.
I am using LabVIEW 2014 SP1 f3 in a 64 bits Win7 SP1 computer. The strange thing is that the, which is attached to this post, works as expected in every 64 bits Win7 SP1 computers. Nevertheless in a 32 bits Win7 SP1 computer a long time passes till the file can be played (40 seconds approximatelly or even more).

In order to play the file I used the Play Sound I have realized that the problem is originated in the Call Library Function Node included in this VI (function int32_t PlaySoundFile(const int32_t devID, const LStrHandle path, const uint32_t waitDuration, uint32_t *task)Smiley Wink. It just take ages to be executed.

All computers were recently updated with the most recent windows updates. Nevertheless the problem persists. The final .exe application will be executed in the 32 bits PC. But under the current circumstamces it will not be possible to play any sounds.

Has anyone experienced such a problem? Some advice to solve this predicament?
Any piece of information to solve this issue is highly appreciated.

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