Using Multiple Daq

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Using Multiple Daq

Post by Mark » Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:52 pm


I was working on some sensors, for example, Thermocouple and Loadcell. I have prepared 2 seperate vi's for them, but I wanted to merge them into one and see the results in one front panel.

So I put them in one VI and tried to run but it did'nt happen. Then I set one of them start 3 seconds after I push the run button, then it worked for other one but after 3 seconds process stopped.

After little investigation, I learned that some cards have only one ADC so they can't operate two analog signal output, but I am using SC-2345 and I guess that is nonsense. also for info; I am getting loadcell data from SC-2345 and thermocouple data from SCC-TC01 connectod to SC-2345. also SC-2345 is connected to NI USB-6259 screw terminal.

Conclusion; how could I get data from multiple Data accusition devices in one blok? I will porbably have to use 6 more daq in one VI, and that should be possible.

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