Hello from Park City Utah

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Hello from Park City Utah

Post by Shirley » Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:42 pm

Hello Everyone,

I figured I should introduce myself since I have been lurking about these forms a bit for the last few months. I am a Structural Engineer working in Utah. My background does not set me up well for this, I graduated college with a Mathematics and Environmental Engineering degrees. I worked for a buckling restrained brace (BRB) manufacturer where I learned about steel connection design.

When the company was purchased by a competitor (and eventually shut down) they were kind enough to pay for me to take the SE exam, and for the PPI course. I took both SE exams in April, failed them booth. I took the vertical part in October, and failed it also. So now that I can't take the PPI course again I figured it would be best to get a study group, or at least accountability partners as I study for taking the exam (again).

I am a registered PE in five states. California and Alaska being the most note worthy. I also am in the Navy Reserves. I have been gainfully mostly (f)unemployed for the last year as my non-compete with my previous employer expires. I also have been working for a local small structural engineer doing wood design. So I am coming to the point where I need to start working more and find a more real job.

My other interests is big data analytics (I wrote a Master's Thesis on it), biking, hiking, fishing, hunting, skiing (got out 60 times in the 15-16 winter, already at 6 times for this winter), backpacking, and studying for the SE exam (ugh). I also enjoy politics, in a more philosophical sort of way. I am also relatively active in a local Rotary club. I was active in the local Structural Engineers Association of Utah, but I am taking a year off from that group.

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