Hello from NYC

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Hello from NYC

Post by William » Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:46 pm

Hello everyone! I've been lurking for weeks while researching for info for taking the FE and hopefully the PE soon for Civil Engineers. So here's something about myself:

I graduated from the Philippines in 1996 with BS in Civil Engineering and passed the Phil. Board Exams the same year.
I have been in Project Controls Scheduling and Cost since 1997.
I worked locally for 7 yrs and went to Dubai, UAE for 5 years until 2009.
Migrated to the US in 2010. 4 of my 5 years of work here are in transportation, mainly consultant to MassDOT, TxDOT and MTA and 1 year in O&G in Houston.
I am working on getting my EIT/FE and its been so hard to refresh being 20 yrs removed from school. I am going to get the School of PE class for FE for Jan and Feb of next year and hopefully succeed in getting the FE.

I'll worry about the PE later.

Would really appreciate some tips that would help me on my review and exams.

I'll see you around guys

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