Hello from Texas

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Hello from Texas

Post by Isabelle » Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:01 pm

I remember viewing this site when i was freaking out about the FE exam for Mechanical Engineers like 3 months ago, i think the content on this site is pretty nice and useful. After viewing some of the comments, i calmed down and just put in a little more effort in my studying and passed my first time.

I studied Mechanical Engineering Technology, i know technology...i sometimes get a hard time for that, but we just so happen to do a little of theory/hands on. I used to study Electrical Engineering but i found out that wasn't for me and made the switch.

Glad i joined the site though, looking forward to taking the PE in the future, and i can't wait to start reading the threads on here concerning it and just to see what other interesting topics gets posted.

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