dsPIC33EP512MC806 & MCLV-2

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dsPIC33EP512MC806 & MCLV-2

Post by Dillon » Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:53 am

I am new to Microchip and starting on a new project with dsPIC33E.

I am working with dsPIC33EP512MC806 (TQFP - 64 package) for a motor control application. To develop the motor control code, I need a development board and looking at dsPIC33EP512MC806 product page, it has MCLV-2 listed. This board is ideal for me when looking at the motor I am using.

Now MCLV-2 comes with dsPIC33EP256MC506 plug in module. I am trying to find a plug in module for dsPIC33EP512MC806(TQFP-64) but unable to do so. I cannot simply replace the PIC by de-soldering as they are not pin to pin compatible.

Hence, could you please help me on how I can use dsPIC33EP512MC806 with MCLV-2 development board?
If that is not a possibility, what will be the best option?

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