GSM Sim900D module in Pakistan

A complete step by step tutorial on GSM Sim900D module in Pakistan

Sim900D is a very powerful GSM module used for sms and call control. Using this module, one can easily control one's robots and devices via sms or call. I have tested it on my ufone sim and it works perfectly. Codes for this board will be added soon on the blog. Sim900 GSM module Pakistan for the engineering students.

  • GSM Module works on AT Commands.
  • It supports RS-232 so you can connect it with any microcontroller (PIC , ATMEL, Arduino etc).
  • You can also operate it with computer and can get data on hyper terminal or any other serial terminal. (You can also download our free serial terminal)
  • Sim is placed in its sim jacket and it is operated on 12V and further controller by the commands it is receiving.
  • It has a built in boost circuit, because of which it catches signal rapidly.

Package Includes:

  • Sim900D module mounted on a printed PCB.
  • GSM Antenna.

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