Hello friends, hope you all are fine and enjoying good health. Today I am here to give our readers a good news. With the blessings of ALLAH, TEP has earned a great repute in a very short time and I was receiving a lot of emails in which students share their problems about their final year projects, and it happens many times that students have common problems and I have to reply them separately which is quite a problem for me because of shortage of time. So I thought a great solution of this problem, which I implemented today by creating this Forum. Now if students have any problems they can share on the forum and if some other student have the same problem then he can visit that topic simply by searching it on board.Actually, I was thinking of creating this forum for a long time but couldn’t do it because of several issues and today finally I created this, quite happy :))

Purpose of Creating This Forum

I have two purposes in mind when I was creating this forum,which are:

  • Its a platform for the students to resolves their issues, they face in their final year projects.
  • Its also a platform for those students or the engineers, who has knowledge and want to share their knowledge with other students.

Suggestions Invited

As I just created this forum, so there must be bugs and few failures in it. So its my request to the students to share your suggestions with me and I will surely implement those suggestions on the forum.

Link to the Forum

  • You can visit the forum by clicking on FORUM tab placed on the top menu bar or can also visit by clicking FORUM here.  

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