Privacy Policy highlights how users’ data is collected, used, maintained, and processed after visitors share their information with the website. People visiting the website are highly concerned about the safety of their data and here in TEP, we make sure your data is in safe hands.

In this privacy policy… TEP, we, our, us will refer to the website

We use Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to understand the behavior of our visitors to help them provide the best content based on their needs and requirements. Google Analytics monitors the user experience, device functionality, online content, and more. This tool identifies the visitor’s IP address, browser language, browser type, geographical location, and operating system. Moreover, we can choose how the metrics and dimensions are being displayed to help us make an informed decision. Know that we use this tool only to understand the user’s behaviors to deliver targeted content to our website readers, to ensure the nonstop availability of our website technology, and to provide necessary information to law agencies in case cyberbullying or cyberattack occurs. 

Please note, that our servers don’t hold any of your information. 


Users can leave a comment on our blog posts to share their views and suggestions both to improve our content and to complement the existing content. Once a user leaves a comment, the content of that comment will be published and stored after it gets approved by our team. Additionally, the IP address of the device used by the visitor will be stored for security reasons. Know that the collected data through comments will not be shared with any third parties unless necessary by law agencies to clamp down on illegal content or inappropriate messages that are subjected to threaten the safety of the general public. 

Google AdSense 

Even though TEP allows some agencies to advertise on our website, our main source of monetization is Google AdSense. Google AdSense collects data including website preferences, browsing history, IP address, device location, and also device preferences. Know that the information collected by Google is protected by privacy laws and Google can use such data in accordance with its privacy policy. Plus, Google AdSense uses cookies to improve advertising by providing relevant content to the targeted audience. Recognize that cookies themselves hold no identifiable information. 

You can know more about Google AdSense and how they work from this link…

Third-Party Links 

We have incorporated third-party links in some of our articles. We use these links to complement the existing data on the article to make sure you get the maximum value related to a certain topic. Once you click those links you’ll be directed to their websites which probably come with a different privacy policy than ours. If you share your personal information with those websites, we are not responsible for how they use and process your data.

We are not responsible for financial consequences 

We try our best to share valuable information regarding engineering and technology. We are not responsible for any financial consequences you may face due to the information shared on this website. Make sure you do your due diligence before using the information on our website for financial gains.

Subscription to NewsLetter 

You can subscribe to our newsletter by only giving your email ID. You’ll keep receiving updates regarding TEP and our blog posts that we share almost every day. Plus, you’ll get an email if any changes occur to our terms and conditions or our privacy policy. Know that you can unsubscribe to our newsletter anytime from the option given at the footer of our email. 

We won’t share your email with a third party for promotional purposes. 

Your Account & Rights

When you make an account on our website, you need to share your email, first and last name, and username. The password is encrypted and the IP address provided by the internet service provider (ISP) to the user will be stored along with the data and time of the registration. This data will not be transferred to a third party unless necessary for criminal prosecution.

Using your account, you can communicate with your fellow engineers and students like you do on Facebook messenger or Whatsapp. We cannot see the communication you do with your members in the community since the communication is end-to-end encrypted. 

Please note that when you leave a comment or signup to make an account, we’ll hold your information for our records unless you ask us to remove that information. 

If you are living in Europe, you have the right to access the personal information that we carry in our database to make sure your personal information is correct or updated. Please contact us below if you would like to exercise this right.


A cookie is a unique text file that will be saved to your device once you visit our website and accept cookies. More often Google AdSense or third-party advertisers use cookies to monitor your browsing activities and display ads based on your browsing interests. You don’t essentially have to re-enter your words to look for the particular item since the website already remembers the information of your last visit and offers you content as best of your interest. 

Most browsers give warning about the cookies and don’t welcome their presence on your device. You can reject cookies as you like better but it will affect the overall browsing experience you have with the website. Moreover, already stored cookies in your browser can be permanently deleted through your internet browser settings. 

Contact Us

We always strive to ensure the safety of the personal data of our website visitors. If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy or find out that we have violated it in any way whatsoever, you can immediately contact us at we’ll try our best to properly investigate your complaint and resolve it as soon as possible. TEP takes such complaints very seriously and always adheres to providing the best possible experience for our visitors.