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We have a vast range of services from embedded systems to Android Applications.
We believe in quality & thus always provide 100% results
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Microcontrollers Programming

We design projects on almost every kind of microcontroller i.e. Atmel, PIC, Arduino, 8051 etc. Read More

Embedded Systems Designing

We design all kinds of embedded projects from traffic light signal to automated home security system using cloud computing. Read More

Engineering simulations

We can provide you engineering simulations designed on MATLAB, LabView, Ansys, Proteus, PSPice etc. Read More

Mobile Apps designing

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. Read More

Website Designing

If you are thinking of creating a New Online Ecommerce Business Or want to canvas your idea on internet, we are here to help. Read More

Software designing

We also design windows software & applications using C#, Visual Basic, F# etc. Read More

Our Team Member

Here’s the geniuses behind “The Engineering Projects” (TEP).
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Syed zain nasir
CTO & Founder Syed Zain Nasir has started TEP in 2009. He had nothing but faith and determination. He is a Mechatronics and Control Engineer from University of Engineering & Technology Lahore.
Muhammad Adnan Adeel
Operational Manager Muhammad Adnan Aqeel is backbone of TEP. Innovative ideas & out of the box thinking puts him ahead from others. He got Mechatronics from UET Lahore.
Afreen Ansari
Project Manager She holds a masters degree in International Relations and pursuing M.phill from University of Karachi . Her diverse perspectives in significant disciplines made her distinguish.
Syed Daniyal Nasir
Software Engineer Syed Daniyal Nasir has joined TEP since 2012. He has completed his education in Electrical (Telecom) Engineering from N.U.S.T and working as a Firmware Executive.

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Here's our latest blog posts, written, designed & published by our experts.
We mostly share new engineering projects & programming tutorials.
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Hi Friends! Hope you’re well today. I welcome you on board. In this post today, I’ll share 8 Photography Exercises and Ideas to Develop Your Artistic Style. Many beginner photographers face similar challenges and problems. While you can read up on the technicalities, light, and basic composition rules, it’s not so easy to take unique […]

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Hi Friends! Hope you’re well today. Happy to see you around. Thank you for clicking this read. In this post today, I’ll walk you through the Introduction to CA3080. The CA3080 is an operational transconductance amplifier mainly used to convert the input voltage signal into an output current. It is widely used in variable gain […]

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Hi Everyone! I welcome you on board. Happy to see you around. In this post today, I’ll walk you through the Introduction to KA3525A. The KA3525A is a monolithic IC chip that features the control circuitry mainly required for a pulse width modulating regulator. This device comes with an error amplifier, voltage reference, a pulse […]

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Hello Friends! Hope you’re well today. I welcome you on board. Thank you for clicking this read. In this post today, I’ll detail the Introduction to CA3130. The CA3130 is a BiMOS Operational Amplifier that comes with MOSFET. BiMOS is a term that defines the combination of both CMOS and bipolar op-amp technology into a […]

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Hi Friends! Hope you’re well today. I welcome you on board. In this post today, I’ll walk you through the Machine Learning Project in Python Step by Step. A lot of machine learning guides concentrate on particular factors of the machine learning workflow like model training, data cleaning, and optimization of algorithms. But those who […]

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