dApps: Definition, Features, Comparison & Developing Tools

Hello friends, hope you are doing fine and enjoying your life. In today’s article, I am going to discuss decentralized applications that are abbreviated as dApps. With the invention of blockchain technology and afterward Ethereum, the idea of decentralized applications has gained a lot of attention. So let’s get into the details and learn what […]

Ethereum Blockchain: Definition, Currency, Working & Components

Hello friends, Hope you are doing good. In my last tutorial, I gave you an introduction to blockchain technology and this article is the second one of this series. Today I am going to talk about Ethereum. In simple words, Ethereum is an open-source platform of blockchain technology. But unlike the bitcoin blockchain, it offers […]

Characteristics of Blockchain Technology

Hi friends, hope you are doing well. I have given you an introduction to Blockchain Technology and ethereum in my previous tutorials. In today’s article, I am going to talk about the characteristics of blockchain. There are several key characteristics of blockchain technology that make it different and usable from other technologies. The architecture of […]

Real Life Applications of Embedded Systems

Hello friends, I hope you all are happy, healthy, and content. Today we are going to discuss a very interesting and versatile topic, “Real Life Applications of embedded systems”. Embedded systems are everywhere around us, they have countless applications from the medical field to electronic circuits and mechanical automotive parts. There is an endless list […]