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A lot of Engineering projects and tutorials for the students to help them in their final year projects and semester projects.
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What is Neural Network?

neural network, what is neural network, Recurrent Neural Network, neural network basics, neural network intro Hello Learners! Welcome to the next lecture on deep learning. We have read the detailed introduction to deep learning and are moving forward with the introduction of the neural network. I am excited to tell you about the neural network because of the interesting and fantastic applications of neural ....

How to use MATLAB Operators?

How to use MATLAB Operators, matlab operators, operators matlab, operators in matlab, why operators matlab Hello learners welcome to the next tutorial on MATLAB where we are learning about this excellent environment in detail without skipping anything. Last time, you have seen the data types and their detail through practical implementation and this time, you will get information about the operators used ....

How to use Data Types in MATLAB?

datatypes in matlab, matlab datatypes, datatypes matlab, how to use datatypes in matlab, data types matlab, matlab data types, data types in matlab Hey geeks, welcome to the next tutorial about MATLAB software and language. In this series, we have been working on MATLAB with the basic information and in the previous lecture, we worked deeply with the workspace window and learned about the functions and variables that are commonly used when we a ....