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Introduction to Quadratic Equations with it’s Graphical Representation

Welcome everyone! In this article, we will have a detailed Introduction to Quadratic Equations. Quadratic equations are simple second degree polynomials, but because of their extensive application, they have been assigned a special name Quadratic and scientists (over a period of time) have designed numerous methods to solve Quadratic Equations. So, today we not only […]

Innovative Engineering Solutions Improve Efficiency in the Offshore Oil Industry

Hi Friends! Hope you’re well today. I welcome you on board. In this post, I’ll detail how Innovative Engineering Solutions Improve Efficiency in the Offshore Oil Industry. Despite ambitious global goals to reduce carbon emissions, fossil fuels such as gas and oil still provided over 80% of the world’s energy in 2019.  The petroleum industry is still […]

JFET Applications | Constant Current Source | Chopper

Hi Pupils, Welcome to another Experiment of Proteus at The Engineering Projects. Previously, we saw what are the Junction Field Effect Transistors. Today we’ll learn about some of the applications of Junction Field Effect Transistors. Just before the Experiment, it is useful to revise that: Transistors are three terminal, unipolar Devices. The terminals of Junction […]