New Proteus LibrariesHello friends, I hope you all are fine and having fun with your lives. Today, I am going to share a list of New Proteus Libraries for Engineering Students. I have shared many Proteus Libraries till now but they all are randomly spread in blog posts so today I thought to post all those Proteus Libraries links in this post. So that engineering students can get benefit from these awesome libraries. You should also have a look at How to add new Library in Proteus 8 Professional, if you are new to Proteus.

You can download them from their respective links and then can use them in your Proteus Projects. These modules are all compatible with Arduino and PIC Microcontroller. So, if you got into any trouble regarding these New Proteus Libraries then you can ask in comments and I will try my best to resolve your issues. So, let’s get started with these New Proteus Libraries for Engineering Students. If you don’t have the Proteus software then you should read How to Install and Download Proteus Software ?


You should also have a look at these Proteus Libraries as well:

Here’s a video in which I have explained all these Proteus Libraries:

1) Arduino Library for Proteus

arduino Library proteus, Arduino simulation for proteus, arduino simulation proteus, proteus simulation for arduino, proteus simulation arduino, proteus library for arduino, proteus arduino library,proteus arduino simulationFirst of all, you should download Arduino Library for Proteus. Using this Library you can easily simulate Arduino boards in Proteus and can design any kind of circuit. This Arduino Library is the first one in this Proteus Libraries list. Once you install this Arduino Library for Proteus, you will be able to easily simulate Arduino boards in Proteus:

Download Proteus library zip file download and more details about this Arduino Library for Proteus by clicking the below button:

Download Arduino Library for Proteus

2) Genuino Library for Proteus

Genuino Library for Proteus, genuino, genuino library, genuino uno, proteus genuino, proteus genuino libraryYou all have heard about this new Genuino boards which are launched by Arduino group after Arduino boards. They are almost similar to Arduino baords. So, we have also designed these Genuino boards in Proteus. This Genuino Library for Proteus includes following Genuino boards:

  • Genuino UNO
  • Genuino Mega 2560
  • Genuino Mega 1280
  • Genuino Mini
  • Genuino Pro Mini
  • Genuino Nano

The Proteus library zip file download link is as follows:

Download Genuino Library for Proteus

3) GPS Library for Proteus

gps module in proteus, gps library for proteus, gps simulation in proteus, gps proteus simulation, proteus gps library, gps proteus simulation, proteus simulation for gps, gps design in proteusGPS is a very useful module which is used in almost every navigation project. GPS is used for detection of user location. It works in NMEA coding and gives longitude and latitude. Most of the GPS modules are operated through Serial Port i.e. they give data via serial ports. We have designed this GPS module for Proteus using which you can easily simulate this GPS module. I have skm53 in mind while designing this GPS Library for Proteus but still you can use it for any kind of GPS modules because most of them works on NMEA coding so all NMEA coded modules follow this GPS module. The Proteus library zip file download link is as follows:

Download GPS Library for Proteus


4) GSM Library for Proteus

GSM Library for Proteus, GSM simulation proteus, gsm module proteus, sim900D in proteus, sim900D simulation in ProteusNext is the GSM Library for Proteus. Using this Library you can easily simulate the GSM Module in Proteus. This GSM module is used for SMS sending and receving. We can send SMS or receive SMS using this GSM module. There are different types of GSM modules available in the market. I have designed the library of GSM Module named as SIM900D in Proteus. I hope you guys are gonna enjoy it. This GSM module works on AT Commands and the list of these AT commands are given in the blow post from where you will download it. You can download Proteus Library for GSM, by clicking the below button:

Download GSM Library for Proteus


5) XBee Library for Proteus

xbee simulation in proteus, xbee in proteus, proteus xbee simulation, proteus simulation for xbee, xbee proteus simulation, proteus xbee simualtion, xbee proteus library, proteus xbee libraryXBee modules are used for wireless communication. They work on radio frequency (RF) and are very helpful in those projects where wireless communication is required. Using XBee modules we ca communicate between nodes etc. We have designed XBee Library for Proteus which you can download by clicking the below button. The XBee module works on Serial protocol and can send data wirelessly. In the below post I have also shown you how to send data between two XBees. If you got into some trouble then ask in comments below and I will resolve them out.

These XBee modules are not fully functional because we are still working on them. Rite now only TX and RX pins are working but soon we will update all other pins too. So, stay tuned. 🙂 You can download Proteus library, by clicking the below button:

Download XBee Library for Proteus


6) Bluetooth Library for Proteus

hc05 library for proteus, hc06 library for proteus, bluetooth library for proteus, proteus bluetooth library, bluetooth library proteus, bluetooth library for proteusBluetooth modules are also used for wireless communication just like XBee modules. But bluetooth modules use bluetooth as a way of communication instead of RF. These bluetooth modules are used in those projects where low range communication is required  because they don’t work in high range. These bluetooth modules are also works on Serial Protocol and you have to connect them with your device and then get your data.This Library includes two Bluetooth modules which are:

  • Bluetooth Module HC – 05
  • Bluetooth Module HC – 06

You can download Proteus library by clicking the below button:

Download Bluetooth Library for Proteus

7) DS1307 Library for Proteus

DS1307 Library for proteus, proteus library ds1307,ds1307 simulation in proteusDS1307 module is an RC module which is used in projects where current time is required. This module is basically a clock and you have to program it for once and then it keeps on ticking forever. These are used mostly in attendance projects and is quite helpful. Proteus already have this module in its database but its not much attractive and looks like a simple module. So, we have given it a stylish look and its just a click away from you.

I have also posted a project DS1307 Arduino based Digital Clock in Proteus in which I have shown how to use this DS1307 in Proteus ISIS. I will also post a tutorial soon in which I will interface this DS1307 sensor with PIC Microcontroller and 8051 Microcontrolelr but you have to wait a little. 😛 I hope you guys are gonna enjoy it. We have designed its Proteus library, zip file download link is given below:

Download DS1307 Library for Proteus

8) New LCD Library for Proteus

lcd library for proteus, lcd simulation in proteus, proteus lcd simulationLCDs are available in Proteus in very simple form so we have done a little work and designed New LCD Library for Proteus using which you can now get these stylish LCDs in Proteus. AS you can see in the image these new LCDs now look more attractive and more realistic. I hope you guys will enjoy them. As functionality is concerned they are exactly the same as the normal Proteus LCDs but they are different in looks so you can use the same code for these new LCDs as well.

In this below link I have also interfaced this NEW LCD with Arduino board which is also given in the below link for download. This example will help you in understanding how to use this LCD. This Library includes two such LCDs, which are:

  • LCD 16 x 2
  • LCD 20 x 4

The Proteus library zip file download link is as follows:

Download New LCD Library for Proteus

9) Ultrasonic Sensor Library for Proteus

Ultrasonic Sensor in Proteus,Ultrasonic Sensor Library for Proteus,ultrasonic proteus simulation,ultrasonic sensor codeUltrasonic Sensors are used for obstacle avoidance and hurdle detection. Ultrasonic sensors are used in almost every robotics projects and are very easy to interface with arduino or PIC Microcontroller. We have designed this Ultrasonic Sensor Library for Proteus using which you can easily simulate this Ultrasonic sensor in Proteus and can also interface it with Arduino boards.

I have also posted examples which will help you in understanding of how to use these ultrasonic sensors in Proteus. I have posted three different examples as well, which will are dealing with different scenarios in which these ultrasonic sensors can work. I hope you guys are gonna enjoy them. You can download this ultrasonic sensor library for Proteus by clicking the below button:

Download Ultrasonic Sensor Library for Proteus


10) PIR Sensor Library for Proteus

Pir library for proteus,pir library proteus, pir simulation in proteus, pir simulation proteus, pir proteus simulation pir proteus library, pir in proteus, pir library proteus, pir sensor library for proteus, pir proteus libraryPIR Sensors are used for motion detection. They works on thermal detection, they detect human heat and then detect the presence of human body in the surroundings. They are used for security purposes and are mostly installed in projects like Home Security Systems or Bank Security Systems etc.

As we can’t detect the real motion in Proteus ISIS so that’s why I have placed a TestPin in this PIR Sensor and when you give +5V to this pin then the sensor will act as its detecting motion and when its zero then it will act as no motion detected. We have designed its Proteus Library and proteus library zip file download link is as follows:

Download PIR Sensor Library for Proteus

11) Gas Sensor Library for Proteus

gas sensor library for proteus, mq5 in proteus, mq2 in proteus, mq3 in proteus, mq6 in proteus, mq9 in proteus, gas sensor in proteus, gas sensor proteus simulationGas Sensors are used for Gas Leakage Detection. Its an essential sensor for most of the industries. Because mostly Gas Leakages in industry cause fatal incidents. So using these Gas Sensors one can easily detect the Gas Leakage. We have designed their Proteus Library using which you can easily simulate these Gas Sensors in Proteus. This Gas Sensor Library includes following Gas Sensors:

  • MQ – 2
  • MQ – 3
  • MQ – 4
  • MQ – 5
  • MQ – 6
  • MQ – 7
  • MQ – 8
  • MQ – 9
Proteus library zip file download link is as follows:
Download Gas Sensor Library for Proteus

12) Flame Sensor Library for Proteus

Interfacing of Flame Sensor with Arduino, Flame Sensor with Arduino, flame sensor arduino, arduino flame sensor,flame sensor in proteusFlame Sensors are used for Fire Detection and are normally used for Security purposes. Flame Sensors are best for Fire Detection. So, you must get an idea about its importance. They are used in almost all kinds of projects where fire security is required.

As we can’t actually produce Fire in the Proteus environment that’s why I have placed a TestPin which will be used for detection of Fire. If this TestPin is HIGH then it means there’s fire and if its LOW then it means there’s no fire around the sensor. You can download Proteus Library for Flame Sensor by clicking the below button:

Download Flame Sensor Library for Proteus

13) Vibration Sensor Library for Proteus

vibration sensor library, vibration sensor in proteus,vinration sensor for proteus, vibration sensor for proteus 8, vibration sensor simulationVibration Sensors are used for vibration detection. They are mostly used in those projects where vibration detection is necessary like we can use it for security purposes and can place them on doors and windows. So if someone tried to break the doors or windows then the vibrations will be detected by this sensor and buzzer can trigger.

Moreover you can also place them on heavy machinery to detect whether there are vibrations in those machines or not. I have also used this sensor in my project GSM based Home Security System. You can download this Vibration Sensor Library for Proteus by clicking the below button:

Download Vibration Sensor Library for Proteus

14) Flex Sensor Library for Proteus

Flex Sensor Library for Proteus, flex sensor proteus, flex sensor in proteusFlex Sensors are actually used for detecting the bending angle. So, its normally used in projects where you need to detect the fingers bending. For example, I have once designed a project in which I have to use the sign language and then convert it into words so in that project I have used Flex Sensors on all of my fingers and thumb and then by detecting the bending, I converted the sign language to text.

So, I have designed the Flex Sensor Library for Proteus and I hope you are gonna enjoy it and are gonna use it in your projects. You can download this Proteus Library by clicking the below button:

Download Flex Sensor Library for Proteus

15) L298 Motor Driver Library for Proteus

L298 Motor Driver Library for Proteus, l298 motor driver, l298 motor driver in proteus, l298 proteusL298 Motor Driver is used for controlling speed and direction of different Motors. We can use it to control DC Motors as well as the stepper Motors. Its quite widely used in Engineering Projects and has L298 module in it.

Proteus doesn’t contain L298 Motor Driver in it so, our team has designed it in Proteus and its now ready to simulate in it. You can downlaod this L298 Motor Driver Library for Proteus by clicking the below button:

Download L298 Motor Driver Library for Proteus

16) Heart Beat Sensor Library for Proteus

Heart Beat Sensor Library for Proteus,Heart Beat Sensor proteus, heart beat in proteus, proteus heart beat, heart beat simulation in proteusHeart Beat Sensor is used to count the Heart Beat of a human being. You need to place your finger on this sensor and then it detects your beating and you can count this beating via Arduino or any other Microcontroller.

Heart Beat Sensor is not available in Proteus and we have designed two versions of Heart Beat Sensor. The first version has just single heart beat pattern, while the second version has multiple heart beat samples in it. You can download them by clicking the below buttons:

[LinkButton1 link=””]Download Heart Beat Sensor Library for Proteus[/LinkButton1]

Download Heart Beat Sensor Library V2.0 for Proteus

17) C945 Library for Proteus

C945 Library for Proteus,c945 in proteus, c945 proteus, c945 proteus simulation,proteus c945C945 is an NPN transistor used in many engineering projects. It’s main purpose is to use as an automatic switch or in cases it is also used for generating PWM pulse. C945 is not available in Proteus Components list. Our team has designed this transistor and you can download it by clicking the below button:

Download C945 Library for Proteus

18) Infrared Sensor Library for Proteus

Infrared Sensor Library for Proteus, ir sensor in proteus, infrared sensor in proteus, infrared in proteus, ir in proteus, ir proteus simulation, infrared proteus simulationInfrared Sensor is used for detection of some obstacle in the path. It uses infrared waves which are transmitted from transmitter and are received by the receiver of this sensor, which tells us whether we have some obstacle or not. It is normally used for security purposes but also has a wide application in robotics.

Download Infrared Sensor Library for Proteus

19) Solar Panel Library for Proteus

Solar Panel Library for Proteus, solar panel in proteus, solar panel proteus, solar panel simulation in proteus, solar panel proteusSolar panel is a new and free renewable energy source, and it is widely used today because it only uses solar energy and converts it to electrical energy. It is used a lot in final year and semester projects where teachers force to use solar panel instead of common source.

Proteus doesn’t have solar panel in its database that’s why we have designed this new library and using it you can now easily simulate Solar Panel in Proteus. Click the below button to download this Library.

Download Solar Panel Library for Proteus

20) Magnetic Reed Switch Library for Proteus

Magnetic Reed Switch Library for Proteus, magnetic reed switch in proteus, proteus simulation of reed switch, magnetic reed switch proteus, proteus reed switch, magnetic switch in proteusMagnetic Reed Switch is used to detect the magnetic field in the surroundings. It is normally used in electromagnetic projects where magnetic field intensity etc are required.

Proteus doesn’t have this sensor in its database that’s why we have designed it. You can download it by clicking the below button:

Download Magnetic Reed Switch Library for Proteus

21) Rain Sensor Library for Proteus

Rain Sensor Library for Proteus, rain sensor in proteus, rain sensor proteus, rain sensor simulation in proteus, rain sensor proteusRain Sensor, as the name suggests, is used for rain detection. It’s normally used in home automation or security projects.

Proteus lack this sensor so we have designed its library so that you can easily create your projects’ simulation. You can download this sensor by clicking the below button:

Download Rain Sensor Library for Proteus


I have posted 16 New Proteus Libraries above and I hope you guys are gonna like them and will use in your engineering projects. Our team will keep on designing more New Proteus Libraries for engineering students and I will keep them posted here so stay tuned with this post so that you remain aware of New Proteus Libraries.

So, that’s all for today. Will see you guys in next tutorial. Till then take care and have fun !!! 🙂



  1. Your guidelines are awesome, Please share any tutorial about making new device or component library including simulation model, schematic model, and pcb package.

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      The topic is design and construction of intruder detector system using coded door. And the components I want to use are: Arduino uno, 16*2 LCD, relay, ezbutton, buzzer, 4*4 Keypad and an electromagnetic lock or a solenoid lock. I Intend to use the ezbutton as an exit button that disarm the relay to open the door from inside, the buzzer to trigger an alarm when wrong password is entered into the system three or four times. Putting these whole code together is really difficult for me and I don’t want to fail the project work. Please I will be very grateful if I can get the code and a flowchart. Thanks.

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      • saya akan berterima kasih untuk situs web ini karena sangat membantu saya.
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    • No, its quite complex module and it can’t be designed in Proteus. You have to buy it, if you want to work on it.

    • No, we haven’t designed MFRC522 Library for Proteus yet. It works on SPI protocol which is a bit difficult to control.

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