Effective Date: May 21, 2023

This page is documented with terms and conditions that apply to users visiting the website. The Engineering Projects is a website with the domain name https://www.theengineeringprojects.com/   

By visiting this website, you agree to these terms and conditions governing the website. In this ToU (Terms of Use)… we, our, us, TEP will refer to the website domain with the link given above. 

If you violate these terms in any way whatsoever, we reserve the right to block you and entirely prevent you from the usage of this website in the future or take appropriate action if required. We strive to provide the best possible website experience to our end-users and expect them to use this website under these terms so they can truly benefit from the content available on this website.  

Content Usage

As a website user, you are allowed to use the content available on this website for your personal use and you agree you won’t alter, edit, copy, or sell content for any purpose. Otherwise, we reserve the right to take any legal action against you to thoroughly comply with the rules and regulations of this website. Both free and paid content on this site are protected by copyright laws and you are not allowed to sell or modify data for your financial gains unless officially allowed by us. 

You accept that you are not allowed to publish content on this site that is hateful, abusive, deceptive, or inappropriate. Or content that challenges someone’s personality rights, intellectual property rights, and privacy rights. You agree you won’t leave derogatory remarks about someone to defame them for your vested interests. 

Data Access 

You accept that any robotic or automatic device is not allowed to access and capture the data of this website. Moreover, you agree you won’t inject any malware or virus to disrupt the proper working of this website or otherwise hack the data contained herein. You agree you won’t exercise any practices that put unnecessary load on the website infrastructure and halt the consistent delivery of valuable data to our website users. 

Third-Party Links & Ads

Some of our articles are incorporated with third-party links and when you click those links you land on their online property that is protected by their laws and terms and conditions. You agree you won’t make any claim against us if you incur any financial losses or data compromise resulting from the usage of that website. We are not responsible for how those websites ensure the safety of your data. Plus, we host some third-party ads on our website. We don’t endorse, validate or approve the content available on those ads and you’re solely responsible for the risk involved in clicking those ads. 

Account Handling

Account creation is necessary to fully access certain features of this website. You agree that you’re the sole maintainer of your account and if you find out someone else has changed the username or password of your account, change it instantly so they can no longer alter the settings of your account. You accept that TEP is not under any obligation to provide you with technical support in case your account is hacked or otherwise stopped working. You agree that you’ll provide correct information while making the account and you’re not allowed to make more than one account or the accounts with the information of other users. If we disable your account for not complying with the terms and conditions, you’re not allowed to make another account without our permission. 

Unauthorized Website Usage 

You agree you won’t use our website links to promote abusive or pornographic content. Plus, you accept that you’ll not make attempts to access the website data that is restricted to the general public unless we give you official written permission to do so.  

User Content

Any information or data submitted by the website users on this website is called User Content. You agree that you’re solely responsible for the user content and you are ready to deal with all risks involved in using your user content. You are not allowed to tell others that your user content is endorsed or sponsored by us on the TEP website. You acknowledge that TEP is not responsible for any losses incurred due to your coordination with other website users. We are under no obligation to take the side of any party or become involved if you come across an online dispute with other users.

We hold no responsibility to create the backup of your content, also we are not obliged for any consequences if your user content is deleted. It’s your responsibility to create the backup files of your content in case our site fails to safely hold your user content. You hereby give us a royalty-free and fully-paid, nonexclusive worldwide license to publish, modify, reproduce or incorporate into others' work your user content. 

We reserve the right to properly investigate your user content if we find it’s a violation of our acceptable use policy. In doing so, we may modify or remove your user content, entirely delete it from our database or report you to law agencies to take appropriate action against you. 

You fully acknowledge to indemnify our agents, officers, and employees for any claims made by third parties caused by your user content, your usage of this website, or not complying with these terms. You agree to fully cooperate with TEP in the defense of these claims and you are not allowed to take that matter into your hands and settle it on your own without involving our company. 


Terms will apply to you in full force on your first visit to this website. We reserve the right to temporally suspend or fully terminate your rights to use the content on this website for any reason at any time. When we terminate your rights for the website usage under these terms, your website access and user content will be terminated immediately without giving you prior notice.  

Our Name and Logo

TEP is our proprietary property and all content and data including website design, databases, functionality, video, audio, text, images, logos, services marks, and trademarks are our property and are licensed to us. They are protected by trademark and copyright laws. You agree that you won’t use our brand name or logo to promote your services and products. Otherwise, we reserve the right to take legal action against you. 


The site is provided on an as-is and as-available basis. You acknowledge that you bear all risks involved in using this website. We don’t guarantee the accuracy or completeness of data available on this website or any third-party websites linked to this website. We take no responsibility that website content will meet your requirements or that the content is free from errors, mistakes, or inaccuracies. We are under no obligation if your device encounters viruses, bugs, or any damages incurred of any type whatsoever on the usage of our website content. You agree that you visit third-party ads on your sole responsibility and we don’t guarantee, endorse, or validate the accuracy of data and products available on those ads. You acknowledge that you’re responsible for the product you buy and make a transaction on third-party websites and ads as we don’t store and monitor the information you provide on those websites.