PIC Microcontroller Projects
Hello everyone, hope you are fine and having fun with you life.Here I am gonna post all the PIC Microcontroller Projects links, which I have posted on my blog. I am gonna make it as guide, in which I will start from very beginning and slowly will move into the pro projects. First of all, I am gonna post about basics of PIC Microcontroller, how it works? how you can write program in it? What are the software used for PIC Microcontroller Programming? Which compilers are available for PIC Microcontroller Programming? etc. So, if you are new to PIC Microcontroller and you wanna design PIC Microcontroller Projects, then here's the guide for you. Follow all these tutorials from beginning and if you feel any problem then ask in comments and I will try my best to resolve your issues.

One more thing, don't just read the posts here, instead make them practically run on your boards. Its the best way of learning because just reading the posts won't help you in understanding the problems occurred while designing PIC Microcontroller Projects. So, the best way of learning about PIC Microtroller is by reading and then implementing. Another thing electronic projects and particularly PIC Microcontroller Projects never work perfectly in the first run, and it will happen that you will thought you are doing everything perfectly fine but still not getting the required output, which is quite common. So be patient while implementing your PIC Microcontroller Projects and if you are not getting the required output then just test and test again because you must be making some slightest mistake and not realizing it. :)

All the tutorial links below are completely designed by TEP team and thus TEP owns all the rights for these projects. They are for educational purposes and if you wanna share it then do mention us, that will be a great favor. And I am mentioning again that when you got into some trouble then do ask in comments and I will surely help you out.Moreover, you can also share your PIC Microcontroller projects with us and we will post them on our blog for the others to learn. So, now let's started.

Basics of PIC Microcontroller - Must Read

Below tutorials are the basic tutorials for PIC Microcontroller, which are must learn for the engineer who are planning to work on PIC Microcontroller. Just read and understand them as they will go you the basic information about PIC Microcontrollers. If you already know the basics then you can skip this section but still I recommend you to read them once at least.

  • Getting Started With Microcontrollers ? In this tutorial, I have given an overview of Microcontrollers. Its a very basic tutorial so if you are already familiar with the concept of microcontrollers then you don't need to read this article but its always good to have a taste of basics. :)
  • Getting Started With PIC Microcontrollers ? After covering the basics of Microcontrollers, next thing I have covered is the basics of PIC Microcontroller, because we are dealing with PIC Microcontroller Projects here. So, first we will have the basic intro of PIC Microcontroller and then we will move forward.
  • Functions available in PIC 18F452 Microcontroller ? In this tutorial, I have discussed the basic functions available in PIC18F452 Microcontroller. I have used this PIC Microcontroller in most of my tutorials so that's why I have first highlighted its main features.
  • Top 3 PIC C Compilers ? Now, we have decided which Microcontroller we are gonna use so now let's discuss the C Compilers for PIC Microcontroller. So, I have discussed top 3 PIC C Compilers in this post and have a given kind of a comparison here. Its a must read post.

Compiler Installation guide for PIC Microcontroller - MPLAB

These tutorials are about compiler installation for PIC Microcontroller, Compilers are used to design the programming code for PIC Microcontroller. There are numerous Compilers available in market. The most commonly used compilers are :

  • MikroC Pro For PIC
  • CCS Compiler For PIC

MPLAB is official compiler from Microchip and thus is free to use while the other compilers are paid but they have trial versions for testing. Personally I like MPLAB compiler as it gives the complete control over PIC Microcontrollers. After MPLAB, I work on MikroC Pro For PIC Compiler, as it has many built in functions and libraries which reduces the codes and thus efforts quite a lot.

  • How to Install MPLAB Software in Windows ? MPLAB is official compiler of PIC Microcontroller so in this post, I have discussed in detail how to install this MPLAB software in Windows. Using this software you can only design assembly language code for PIC Microcontroller.
  • How to Install MPLAB C18 Compiler in Windows ? Now that you have installed the MPLAB software so now its time to install its C18 Compiler so that we can write our codes for PIC Microcontroller Projects in C Language instead of Assembly Language.
  • Getting Started With MPLAB ? Now that we are done with the installation of compilers so now its time to get started with MPLAB software so that's why I have given an overview of how to get started with MPLAB compiler.

PIC Microcontroller Projects

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Below are different projects designed on PIC Microcontroller, I have posted them in sequence from basics to pro. The list is quite short rite now because I haven't posted much on PIC Microcontroller yet but it will keep on increasing, whenever I am gonna post any new project on PIC Microcontroller, I will add the link below.