Resistor Calculator,Resistance Calculator,Resistor Calculate,Resistance CalculateHello everyone, first of all happy new year to all of you. I hope this year brings more happiness in everyone’s life. 🙂 Today, I am going to share a new online tool for the first time named as Resistor Calculator. Using this online tool, you can easily find the resistance value using its color code and I am really excited about it because we haven’t shared any online tool before. We are gonna share more such online tools real soon and I hope these online tools will help engineers in their Engineering Projects.

I have also shared how to calculate the resistance manually using its color code and its given after this resistor calculator tool. So, its a suggestion that not only use this resistor calculator but also learn how to do it manually because knowledge is always helpful plus there’s a chance that you won’t find internet when you wanna use our resistor calculator. 😛 So, here’s the online tool for resistor calculator:

Resistor Calculator
Online Resistor calculator using Resistor Color Code.

  • Select the color bands of your resistor by using the four combo boxes given below.
  • As you change the colors of your resistance bands, the value will be updated in the Resistor Value box.


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I hope you have enjoyed this resistor calculator and it helped you in your Engineering Projects. Now I am gonna explain how to calculate resistance manually.

How to calculate resistance using color code ???

  • First of all, resistance has four color bands on it as shown in the below figure:

Resistor Calculator,Resistance Calculator, resistance color code, color code resistance

  • As you can see in the above figure, that there are four color bands on the resistance, where:
    • First band is Red.
    • Second band is Green.
    • Third band is Black.
    • Fourth band is Gold.
  • Now let’s discuss these color values first and then we will come back to these bands.
  • The first three color bands can have nine different color bands and these colors along with their values are shown in below table:

Resistor Calculator,Resistance Calculator, resistance color code, color code resistance

  • Now you know the values of each color band.
  • So, now let me tell you how to get the resistor value from these color codes.
  • First and second color band values come as it is.
  • In the above examples the first band was red and red band value is 2.
  • Second band was Green and its value is 5.
  • Now the third band value tells the number of zeros that will come after these two values.
  • So, as the third color is black and its value is 0 so its means no zero will come after first two values so this resistance is of 25 ohms.
  • Now let’s discuss the fourth color band.
  • It is normally not considered in simple project but you should know what its mean.
  • Fourth color band can either be Gold or Silver and its decides the tolerance of resistance.
  • If fourth color band is Gold then it means the resistor has a tolerance of +/-5% and if its silver then it means it has a tolerance of +/-10%.
  • If there’s no fourth color band means the resistance has only three color bands then it means it has a tolerance of +/-20%.
  • So, now let’s discuss example of another resistance, given below:

Resistor Calculator,Resistance Calculator, resistance color code, color code resistance

  • So the first band is Brown so first value is 1.
  • Second band is Black so second value will be 0.
  • Third band is Red and its value is 2, so there will be two zeros after first two values.
  • So, overall the value will become 1000 ohm or you can say 1k ohm.
  • As, the last band is silver so it has a tolerance of +/-10%.

So, that’s all about resistor calculator and also about how to calculate it manually. I hope you guys have enjoyed it and are gonna use it. Take care and have fun !!! 🙂