introduction to cr2032, cr2032 features, cr2032 applications, cr2032 dimensionsHey Guys! Hope you are doing well. Welcome you onboard. Today, I’ll discuss the details on the Introduction to CR2032 Battery. It is known as a coin cell or button cell that comes in cylindrical form and is mainly used in pocket calculators, wrist watches, artificial cardiac pacemakers, hearing aids, and automobile key-less entry transmitters.

Low self-discharge and an ability to retain a charge for a long time make this device a good pick for high power devices. More often than not, it is called a lithium energizer where high capacity is a major concern. It falls under the category of disposable primary cells, where common cathode material is a silver oxide, manganese dioxide, or carbon monofluoride and common anode materials are zinc or lithium.

In this post, I’ll try to cover each and everything related to CR2032, so you don’t need to wrestle your mind browsing a whole internet and find all information in one place. Let’s jump right in and get down to the major details on this tiny device.

Introduction to CR2032

  • CR2032 is a coin cell battery, also known as lithium energizer, that is mainly used in high power devices such as hearing aids, glucose monitors and automobile keyless entry transmitters.
  • It provides a long service life to the devices it is incorporated in, allowing them to cover it by making a solid cylindrical shape. It can withstand high temperatures ranging from -22 to 140 F and can hold a bunch of power, enough to retain the charge for almost full 8 years.
  • High capacity makes it a good replacement for BR2032, 5004LC, DL2032, and ECR2032.
  • It is advised to keep this device away from the hunting eyes of kids, as swallowing it may cause serious injury or death in some cases due to chemical burns.

introduction to cr2032, cr2032 features, cr2032 applications, cr2032 dimensions

  • Battery compartments are mainly used to keep the device safe and away from the children. These compartments can be shaped using two methods: an external mechanical tool like a screwdriver or coin is needed to unlock the battery compartment or using spare hand by applying two independent movements of the securing mechanism. They are designed in a way that can house a variety of cells where capacities will vary by size.
  • The point worth mentioning here is that these Coin Lithium Cells are not interchangeable, however, thickness and diameter can be modified based on the cell designation.
CR2032 Features

Following are the main features of CR2032.

ClassificationCoin Cell Battery or Lithium Energizer
Product NameCR2032
Output Voltage3V
Chemical SystemLithium / Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2)
Capacity235 mAh
Energy Density198 milliwatt hr/g
Weight3 gram
Lithium Content0.109 grams
Self Discharge1% / year
Maximum Operating Temperature70 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature-30 °C


  • Some cells made from different chemical compositions are mechanically interchangeable that can directly relate to the voltage stability and service cell life.
  • Be careful while selecting the coin cell for a relevant device, wrong selection can severely affect the device performance, resulting in short life or hindrance in the operating process.
CR2032 Dimensions

The following figure shows the dimensions of CR2032.

introduction to cr2032, cr2032 features, cr2032 applications, cr2032 dimensions

  • The dimensions are given in mm vs inches.
  • These dimensions are specific to the CR2032 battery, however, these Coin Cells come in a variety of dimensions and are used as per technical needs and requirements.
CR2032 Applications

CR2032 are used in a wide range of applications and can easily adjust in the hard to reach places due to its smaller size. Following are the major applications of CR2032.

  • Wrist-watches
  • Toys and games
  • Pocket calculators
  • Heart-rate monitors
  • Artificial cardiac pacemakers
  • Glucose monitors
  • Implantable cardiac defibrillators
  • Hearing aids
  • Keyless entry transmitters

That’s all for today. I hope I have given you everything you needed to known about CR2032 battery. If you are unsure or have any question, you can comment me in the section below. I’ll try and help you according to the best of my knowledge. You are most welcome to feed us with your valuable feedback and suggestions, they keep you in a constant loop and help us provide you quality work as per your demands. Thanks for reading the article.

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