Introduction to HC-05

In today’s tutorial, we will have a look at Introduction to HC-05. It is a Bluetooth module it used a serial ...

How to Use the HC-05 Bluetooth,Working of HC-05, Features of HC-05, Pinout of HC-05, Introduction to HC-05, applications of HC-05Hello friends, I hope you all are doing great. In today’s tutorial, we will have a look at Introduction to HC-05. This is a Bluetooth module it used a serial port protocol (SPP) for sending and receiving data. It can be used in such configurations where more than one output devices can be controlled by single input or master device. So it frequently used in wireless data transmission circuitry. I have also designed Proteus Library of this bluetooth module, which you can download from Bluetooth Library for Proteus.This module also fulfils the Bluetooth V2.0+EDR technology that used to send data for smaller distance by providing security from loss of data. This component consists of CSR Bluecore 04 outer single-chip Bluetooth system having CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) technology. In today's post, we will have a look at its working, circuits, pinout, features and other related parameters. So let's get started with Introduction to HC-05.

Introduction to HC-05

  • The HC-05 is a module used for wireless communications when connected to microcontroller, it enables other devices to send and receive data from the microcontroller.
  • It operates in master/slave modes and controls many components connected with it lonely. The devices that are its under control are known as slave devices.
  • Example of its operation as a master module is its use in different home appliances controls, robotics, monitoring network.
  • You should also have a look at Arduino Bluetooth Communication using HC-05.
  • This Bluetooth component is an easily accessible printed circuit board or also available in a separate form.
  •  A type of producers carries the module and has all features available at the other producer's shop.
  • This module controlled by the TX (transmission) and RX (receiver) pinouts and also compatible with the AT commands.
How to Use the HC-05 Bluetooth,Working of HC-05, Features of HC-05, Pinout of HC-05, Introduction to HC-05, applications of HC-05 

Pinout of HC-05

  • Now we discuss the pinouts of HC-05.
    Pin#Type                                        Parameters
    Pin#1Enable Pin The purpose of this pinout is to set data value at a high and low level.
    Pin#2VccAt this pinout, the input supply is provided to the module. Its operating voltage is plus five volts.
    Pin#3GNDThis pin is used for ground connection of module.
    Pin#4TX (Transmitter)All data received by this Bluetooth module is sent to other modules connected with the HC-05.
    Pin#5RX (Receiver)Through this pin for data receiving from all devices connected with this module.
    Pin#6StateThis pin tells about the working condition of this module, it has LED by the blinking of led we can observe its on and off state.
    Pin#7LED (Light Emitting Diode)It tells about the different states of Bluetooth module.If it blinks one time in two seconds than it has received a command.If it blinking continuously than module waiting for input data.if blinks two times in one second its means its all connections are connected properly.
    Pin#8ButtonThis button is used to toggle the input and outputs of the modules.
  • Let's see a diagram of the pinout.
How to Use the HC-05 Bluetooth,Working of HC-05, Features of HC-05, Pinout of HC-05, Introduction to HC-05, applications of HC-05

Features of HC-05

  • These are some features of HC-05 everyone should know before the practical implementation of these modules.
  • It provides serial transmission and receiving data from Arduino and other microcontrollers.
  • It's operating voltage varies from four to five volts, normally it operates at plus five volts.
  • The temperature at which it operates is thirty milliamperes.
  • It sends and receives data by USART (universal asynchronous receiver-transmitter) and TTL (Transistor–transistor logic).
  • This module follows the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) 802.15.1 standard protocol.
  • This module also uses (FHSS), it is a technique by which a radio signal is sent at different frequency levels.
  • This module has the ability to work as a master, slave mode.
  • This module can be easily connected with a laptop, mobile phones.
  • The baud rate of this module is 9600,19200 and 38400.

Working of HC-05

  • As we discussed earlier that the main function of this module is to provide two-way wireless communication.
  • It has ability to send and receive data among 2 microcontrollers by serial way, with that it can also be used to regulate any Bluetooth module by a microcontroller.
  • This module can also regulate by the receiver (RX) and transmitter (TX) pinouts by using AT (ATtention) command.
  •  For this, operator of a module used specific command module when HC-05 is connected with power supply.
  • It can be done by setting the key pinout at zero modules connected with input supply.
  •  As this component gets power and starts operation than it can very easily detect by any device that has Bluetooth module like a mobile phone.
  • After making a connection with outer device it transfer and get data in a serial stream manner.
  • This stream than processed by microcontroller attached with it, and if information is sending by microcontroller than it will happen in opposite direction.
  • This module is not favourable for such data as jpg images, audio songs.
  • However, do not expect this module to transfer multimedia like photos or songs; you might have to look into the CSR8645 module for that.

How to Use the HC-05 Bluetooth

  • There are 2 working states to this module first one is through which it can transmit and get information from other Bluetooth modules and the second one is AT (ATtention) command states through which its setting can be varied.
  • We can use this module by these 2 states according to our requirements with its key pinout.
  • As this module uses SPP (Serial Port Protocol) for transmission of data so it can easily be interfaced with a microcontroller.
  •  For its interfacing with microcontroller just provide plus five volts to this module and join RX (receiver) pinout of HC-05 with the TX (transmitter) pinout of controller and receiver (RX) pin of the controller with the TX (transmitter) pinout of HC-05 as it is shown in the figure.
  • During connection of power supply with this module connect key pinout of this module with the ground to make it in command operating state, if we do not do this then it will be automatically in the data state.
  •  After connecting input power with it users can find any nearby other Bluetooth module and can link with it by using default passwords or can change according to your requirements.
  • After connection between other Bluetooth module, we can set password and user name for a specific device.
How to Use the HC-05 Bluetooth,Working of HC-05, Features of HC-05, Pinout of HC-05, Introduction to HC-05, applications of HC-05

HC-05 Applications

  • These are some applications of HC-05.
  • It used for wireless data transmission among the 2 microcontrollers.
  •  It can also interface with electronic devices like mobile, laptop, computers for data transmission.
  • It also used in different information and data logging applications.
  • It used in different robots that are that control by wireless system.
  • It used in different home automation circuits.
It is the detailed article on HC-05 I have explained each and everything related to this module in this article. If you have any question ask in comments. Thanks for reading.

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