List Of Top Paying PTC sites – Get Paid to Read and Click Ads

Earning money is an art and everyone is in a race to learn this art by hook or by crook. ...

List Of Top Paying PTC sites, Get Paid to Read and Click Ads, best ptc sites with high pay, ptc sites with unlimited ads, highest paying ptc sites without investment, online paid survey jobsEarning money is an art and everyone is in a race to learn this art by hook or by crook. But, if you will follow the right strategies in your earning method. You can earn by sitting at home.In contrast, if you work hard but your methods and procedures are not correct you can’t earn.   There will be many of you who have tried earning by PTC (Pay to click) sites and didn’t get succeeded. Do you know why? Because you were trying to earn through scam websites. I can understand your pain because I went through the same situation. But I never gave up and tested hundreds of websites. Today, I am going to share with you the top highest paying PTC Sites.  These websites are available for worldwide users.I am not going to mention you a certain amount of money that you can earn only $200 or $500 in a month. I don’t want you to stick with a certain amount. You can earn as much as you want just by sitting online home. Just make sure to earn with best practice and make the most out of it.These PTC sites will help you to earn money by clicking on links, doing tasks, seeing adds and surfing etc. It does not require any training or skills just by clicking you can earn loads of money.List Of Top Paying PTC sites, Get Paid to Read and Click Ads, best ptc sites with high pay, ptc sites with unlimited ads, highest paying ptc sites without investment, online paid survey jobsBefore moving further let me tell you about PTC Sites briefly. Because there will be beginners who don’t know much about PTC sites and might be the ones who are working on it already.

What are PTC Sites

  • PTC stands for paid to click. It is an online business of advertising companies who paid cash for online advertisements.
  • PTC sites work as a middleman between adverting companies and users. It is ones of the easiest method of making money online from home without investment.
  • You can work from anywhere or anytime if you have a computer and internet access. Your dedication and patience are a must.
  • It does not require any skills or knowledge to do this job. The fun fact is, there is no limit for age.
  • Just sign up and start making money with clicks.

How PTC Sites Work

  • Certainly, this question might come up in your mind that how can someone pay us just for clicking or surfing on their website.
  • As I mention before PTC websites work as a middle man between advertisers and the users.  “Users” are the members of the website.
  • Advertisement companies or online web marketer want to get traffic on their blog or websites for promoting their services or product.  
  • So they need organic traffic or customers from these PTC websites that already have lots of registered members from around the world who are ready to view the ads with cash.  
  • These PTC websites delivered required traffic to the advertisers in return of cash.  
  • Each PTC sites pay a different amount of money for viewing the advertisement, some pay $0.001 or some $0.01. It varies from site to site.
List Of Top Paying PTC sites, Get Paid to Read and Click Ads, best ptc sites with high pay, ptc sites with unlimited ads, highest paying ptc sites without investment, online paid survey jobs

Benefits of Joining PTC sites

There are several benefits of PTC websites that are mention below.
  • You can work from anywhere or at any time
  • It is a home based job without any age limit
  • Registration on PTC sites are free of cost
  • Accepted Registration Worldwide
  • No technical skills or knowledge required
  • Always pay you on time
  • There is no investment required for Ptc site
  • Start Earning right after registration
  • Several opportunities for income
How to Register and Make Money?The registration process is so simple, you just have to sign up and confirm your email address. Now you are ready to earn money.

Things you require for registration

These are the basic things you need for registration:
  1. A PC (Personal computer) OR laptop
  2. Gmail Account
  3. Bank account
  4. Paypal or  Payza (Online payment account)
  • Once you will be login from your account, you can see on your dashboard all the ads or task etc. Your payment will be added to your account instantly after viewing your ads for a demanding time.
  • Remove the Adblock extension if you have already added in your web browsers (Chrome or Firefox). Ads will not pop up if the extension will be enabled. Go into your browser setting and disable or remove the extension and then restart your browser.
  • Don’t forget to instal Addon and Ad alert on your browser. They will remind you to view the new ads, survey or CrowdFlower tasks.

How and When will I get paid?

  • Fortunately, the time is coming when you will be getting paid for your work too. So read this topic carefully to get to know about this precisely.
  • The PTC sites I am going to mention below are based in Europe and America. They are going to pay you by PayPal or Payza.
  • If you don’t have any PayPal or Payza account yet, you better first register on these payment process.
  • Once you have earned money then it will be added in your PayPal or Payza account. Now you can transfer into your bank account now.
  • The minimum payment is around $2 to $10. Websites have a different time period for sending you money, Some will do send you in 2 to 3 days and few can take a week.
  • Don’t worry and wait for your payment to show up in your digital wallet.
  • The last and important part is terms and conditions.
  • You will not be able to earn money if you will not follow the terms and conditions of these websites.  They can ban or suspend your account by violating the term and conditions.
Follow all the terms and conditions and especially these ones:
  1. Use only direct internet connection without any proxy or VPN, VPS or shared connections
  2. Make just one account per computer and IP.
  3. Duplicate and multiple accounts will be suspend

How to increase your Earning?

There is a chance that you have heard from different people that the pay per advertisement is very low and more. Moreover, you may have noticed that $0.001 is a tiny amount. Don’t panic in any condition. There are few tips and tricks that can help you in earning a large amount of money. You can’t succeed without effort. You have to put your all energy into it to get hundreds of dollars. Here are a few tips that will benefit you:
  • Log in every day without skipping any day and view all the ads
  • Staying active daily will generate more income
  • Spend daily one hour to do this job
  • Check twice or thrice a day for more ads
  • Complete all the task and surveys
  • Installed Addon & Ad alert to your browser

Here is a list of top PTC sites

    1. ClixSense

It is one of the most trusted sites and I like this site more than any other. This website is online since Feb 2007. You don’t need any special skills for this website to earn money. I have earned most of the money from this website. You can earn money from this site in several ways. If you will work seriously then you can earn more than 200$ from this one single site. Benefits
  • Earn money by completing the various task and completing survey daily
  • Win daily bonus and prizes up to $10
  • Boost your earning through the affiliate program or referring to others
  • Fast payment through Paypal, Payoneer etc
  • You can earn $0.75 to $5 for per survey completion

      2. NeoBux

Neoubex is online since 2008 and gives you a chance to earn a high amount of money. Neobux is a trusted website and available worldwide. You will get your payment instantly in NeoBux. It provides you chances to earn a high amount of money without many efforts. Task you can do:
  1. Clicking Ads
  2. Playing games
  3. Completing CrowdFlower tasks
  4. Simple offers
Registration at NeoBux is free but they have different membership plans and it is completely up to you that if you want to upgrade or not.Benefits
  • You can win daily prizes up to $90
  • Instant payment and minimum is $2.0
  • $0.001 to $0.01 just for per click on site
  • Through NETELLER & Skrill, you can get paid immediately
  • Earn money by directed referrals and rented

    3. Offer Nation

It is another best PTC (Paid to click) site where you can earn points by doing a little task like watching videos, clicking ads, taking surveys and different offers. You can change these points into cash or gift cards. Benefits
  • Minimum cash out is $1.
  • You can get paid via PayPal, Bitcoin, Skrill
  • Multiply your income by direct referrals
  • There paid to click offers are the most recommended one.

      4. PrizeRebel

You can earn money by playing online games and competing for different tasks surveys. There is one another way of winning money on this website is that by lucky number, Raffles and contests. If you want to make more money then you can earn by sending refer PrizeRebel to your friends or family through WhatsApp or any other social media way. You will get $1 for 100 coins. You can get your money through bitcoin, PayPal or gift cards.

      5. Paidverts

Paidverts is a new website but it is gaining the trust of users and is one of the high paid PTC sites. Their concept is a little bit different from other websites. But you can find good reviews from users about paidverts. Once you signup on their website. You need to view 16 BAP (Bonus add point) ads and collect BAP points.  Once you will click 100 BAP ads then you will start receiving the paid ads. Make sure to get as much BAP as you can, because your value of paid add will depend on the amount of BAP accumulate. You can get your money through Paypal.

Tips to make sufficient earnings

  • Refer people through the referral link and earn multiple incomes
  • View all the 16 BAP ads to activate paid ads daily
  • For paying $0.05 you will get recycle ads worth $1

        6. InboxDollar

InboxDollar is one the another trusted website but if you live in USA or UK then there will be more surveys offers for you. People are earning $100 per month just by working 5 to 10 minutes per day. This is the most benefited website for USA and UK users. If you live somewhere else around the world then user ClixSense & Neobux to make money.

Final Thought On PTC Sites

These are the most trusted website that I have mention above and you can earn money just viewing ads and completing surveys and tasks. All of the websites have good earning history and I have tested all the website by myself. Follow the above tips to earn more with PTC sites. I am sure if you will work on these six websites you will earn a better income than before. For more post about PTC websites keep visiting our blog or bookmark it. You should not miss a single post. Comment below any question if you have regarding PTC sites.

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