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Interfacing of EasyVR with Arduino

easyVR with arduino, Interfacing of EasyVR Shield with Arduino UNO,easyvr code for arduino,arduino code for easyvr Hello friends, I hope you all are fine and having fun with your lives. In today's post we are gonna see Interfacing of EasyVR with Arduino UNO. In the previous post, we have seen Getting Started with EasyVR Commander. It was quite simple and if you follow the steps carefully you wont stuck anywh ....

Getting Started with EasyVR Commander

Getting Started with EasyVR Commander,EasyVR shield with easyVR Commander,burn voices in easyvr In the previous post we have seen the project description of Voice Recognition Project using EasyVR shield. Today we will have a look at Getting started with EasyVR commander. EasyVR shield is a module which is used for voice recognition. First of all, we save our commands in the EasyVR shield and ....