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Ethereum Transactions

Ethereum Transactions, what is Ethereum Transactions, Ethereum Transactions structure, Ethereum Transactions types Hello friends, Hope you are doing good and having fun. I am here with another article on the blockchain. Previously, we have discussed the blockchain, some of its concepts, and its characteristics, and today I will talk about transactions. We would also explore the concept of gas in this tutorial. ....

What is Solidity Programming

Solidity Programming, Solidity programming language, Layout of a Solidity File, Solidity Programming for beginners, basic components of solidity Hello friends, hope you are doing fine and doing great. In the previous tutorial for introducing Smart Contracts, I told you about Solidity. Solidity is a high-level programming language for writing smart contracts. It is the most popular programming language for Ethereum. So, in this article, I wil ....

Structure of a Block in Blockchain

Structure of a Block in Blockchain, what is a block, Parent Block, Block Header, Properties of a Block, Block Identification Hello guys, hope you are doing good and enjoying your lives. Today, I am going to introduce you to the blocks of a blockchain. I gave you an understanding of blockchain, its characteristics, and some idea about accounts and wallets in my previous tutorials, and today my article is about the structu ....