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A lot of Engineering projects and tutorials for the students to help them in their final year projects and semester projects.
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ESP32 BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

What is BLE, esp32 ble, ble esp32, esp32 ble client, esp32 ble server, esp32 ble communication, esp32 bluetooth, bluetooth esp32 Hello, readers! In today's lesson, we'll go over another characteristic of the esp32 module that helps it stand out from the competition: BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy. It's our 3rd tutorial in the ESP32 programming series. In the first tutorial, we have seen a detailed Introduction ESP32, while in th ....

Create a Web Server with ESP32

esp32, esp32 wifi, esp32 web server, esp32 webserver, webserver esp32, web server esp32, esp32 server mode Hello readers, I hope you all are doing great. It's our second tutorial on the ESP32 Programming series and today, we will have a look at How to Create a Web Server with ESP32. In our previous tutorial, we introduced you to the basics of the ESP32 microcontroller. where we discuss How to set up Ard ....