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A lot of Engineering projects and tutorials for the students to help them in their final year projects and semester projects.
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Smart 4 Way Traffic Signal Control with Variable Delay

Variable 4 way traffic light, Software to install, Project overview, Components needed, Arduino mega, Proteus simulation of variable traffic lights, Arduino code, declaration code, void loop, void setup, Results/working, Hello guys! I hope you’re all in a good mood today because we are going to review the design of an interesting project today. We’ll be looking to design 4-way traffic lights in such a way that their delay is variable and is dependent upon the traffic density. This project is of intermediate difficu ...

Simple 4-Way Traffic Light Control using Arduino

4 way traffic light, Software to install, Project overview, Components needed, Component details, Arduino mega, Traffic lights, Proteus simulation of traffic lights, Arduino code, Void setup, Results/working, Signal 3 is ON and pedestrian 2 is ON, Yellow light showing transition, Signal 1 is ON while Pedestrian 4 is ON Hello friends, I hope you’re all well and healthy. In today’s tutorial, we will be going through a simple, yet effective practice to design a 4-way traffic light simulation in Proteus software. This project is designed for undergrad engineering students with majors in electronics, electrical and mec ...

Smart Coffee Vending Machine using Arduino

Smart coffee vending machine, Project overview, Components needed, Components details, Arduino UNO, PCF8574, LCD Display, Proteus simulation of smart coffee vending machine, Circuit diagram and working, Arduino code for smart coffee vending machine, Declaration code Hello geeks, Welcome to our new project. As most readers have already seen the coffee vending machine or maybe you are drinking coffee while reading this article and if you are a tinker or a geek, it must have come to your mind how to make a coffee vending machine on your own. In today's tutorial, ...