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A lot of Engineering projects and tutorials for the students to help them in their final year projects and semester projects.
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NOR as Universal Gate in Proteus ISIS

Logic Gates, NOR Gate, Universal Gate, NOR as universal Gate, Proteus and Gates, Implementation of NOR Gate in Proteus, Proteus Circuit Gates. Hi Mentees! I hope you are having a Productive Day. We are here with a new piece of Information. In today's tutorial, we will haev a look at NOR Gate with Truth Table in Proteus ISIS. In this tutorial, we'll learn the following concepts: What are NOR Gates. How the truth table and timing Diagra ...

XNOR Gate with Truth Table in Proteus ISIS

XNOR Gate, exclusive nor gate, XNOR in Proteus, Proteus Implementation of XNOR, Logic Gates Hello Mentees!, I hope you have a productive day. Welcome to The Engineering Projects. In previous tutorial, we have seen Basic Logic Gates in Proteus. where we have studied & simulated simple logic gates in Proteus. At the Instance, I am going to explain another Logic Gate. Let's see what will ...

Basic Logic Gates in Proteus with Truth Table

Logic Gates, AND Gate, OR GATE,NOR Gate, NOT, GATE, Proteus implementation of gates. Hello Mentees! Welcome to a new tutorial performed at Proteus ISIS. In today's article, we'll learn about the very basic pillar of Digital Logic Circuits. As the name implies, the  digital logic circuits depends upon the digits and in Compute world, we use Boolean digits that are 1 and 0. Truss HIG ...