Introduction to C++, C++ basics, getting started with c++, c++ basicsIn today’s tutorials, we are going to have a look at escape sequence in C++. In our previous tutorial, Introduction to C++ we have designed a small Hello World program and if you haven’t studied it yet then you should first check that one out as I am gonna take it further from there.

In that tutorial, we have designed a code which prints the Hello world on the output screen. The code used for printing it on the output screen is as follows:

Introduction to C++, C++ basics, getting started with c++, c++ basics

How to use Escape Sequence in C++ ??

  • Now, suppose if I want to print out “Hello World” , instead of Hello World.
  • In simple words, I wanna add “” these symbols as well on each side of Hello World.
  • But if you add them in the above program then it will generate errors.
  • So, what to do now ? Here comes the benefit of escape sequence in c++.
  • The escape sequence used to print “” these symbols in output is this symbols which is also know as back slash.
  • So, now by using this escape sequence, the code will look like something as shown below:

  • Now in this way we can quite easily print the “Hello World” on the screen.
  • Now suppose you want to print itself then again what you need to do is to write two back slashes like this .
  • The first back slash is the escape sequence while the second one will print as it is.
  • There are many other uses of this back slash like if we add n after this escape sequence then it will work as a new line so instead of using this endl, we can use n as shown in below code:

  • Now you can see in the above code I have used n and removed the endl and still it will work the same.
  • Now if you want to and a TAB in the output then you can use t.
  • So, there are many benefits of this escape sequence in c++.
  • Similarly r is used for carriage return.
  • v is used for vertical tab.
  • b is used for backspace.

These are different escape sequence uses in C++ and I hope you have got it now that How to use Escape sequence in c++. In the coming tutorial, I will explain How and why to use comments in C++. That’s all for today, take care and have fun !!! 🙂

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