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Types of Embedded Systems

Embedded system, what is embedded system, Definition of an embedded system, Types of Embedded System, Small Scale Embedded System, Medium Scale Embedded System, Sophisticated Embedded System Hello friends, I hope you all are happy, healthy and content! Today, we will be discussing the types of embedded systems. But, Before jumping to the types of embedded systems, let's first revise what is an Embedded System? I hope you have a clear idea about the embedded systems, if not, there is alw ...

What is an Embedded System? Definition, Examples, Types & Development

embedded system, embedded systems, what is embedded system, what is an embedded system, basics of embedded system, embedded systems intro, introduction to embedded systems Hello friends, I hope you all are fine. Today, we will discuss What is an Embedded System? We will also have a look at Embedded Systems definition, examples, applications, types & development. For most of you, this term would have been quite familiar & normally people confuse it with a comp ...